Additional Value Added Services


Provide real time online tracking and monitoring of cargo from various check posts established along the major routes to upcountry.

GPRS tracking services via satellite or GSM technology.

Provision of back up support in terms of cranes and prime movers placed at check posts for recovery of vehicle / cargo in case of any mishap.

Affixing of seals on containerized and liquid cargo, Weightment / re-Weightment of cargo and various and provision of second seater as a security measure against theft / pilferage.

Movement of trucks in convoys.

        Our Major Services

  • Pre Alert Booking Notification and Routing Instructions:
    This allows our customers greater control over departure dates to match production cycles and arrival times to meet inventory and local distribution requirement upon your specific transportation and logistics requirement.
  • Vessel Loading Confirmation:
    Confirming departure and ETA is a key component in managing your supply chain.
  • Customer Status Report:
    Immediate access to accurate shipment information is crucial. Though our electronically updated “Customer Status Reports”, you will gain access to shipment information, such as container number, vessel name, departure, and arrival time, and delivery confirmation.
    We can also establish a Purchase Order tracking Program for both LCL and FCL shipments.
  • Flexible Scheduling and Competitive Pricing:
    We can structure client-specific shipping programs to satisfy unique seasonal pricing and transit requirements throughout the year.
  • GPS And Satellite: We are proud of our cutting edge technology. Utilize the tools of the internet on our web page to manage your shipments online.
  • Domestic Distribution and Warehousing:
    Inventory management, Return Merchandise Accounts (RMA), fulfillment, packaging, and labeling services, all available through our domestic distribution division located Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and Peshawar.
  • Freight forwarding: The shipment process brings with accurate documentation and forwarding serevices. We make it simple by managing the logistics and documentation from the moment a container is booked.
  • Cargo insurance: Cargo insurance is a critical but confusing component of International shipping and transportation. Let us make it easy for you by selecting the right coverage at the right price. We ll even handle the paper work.